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Design Consultation

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David, the lighting is truly beautiful and combined with the new landscape has totally transformed our yard.  Thanks for a very professional job.  We will call you about the front after replanting….

At Artisan Outdoor Lighting, we offer all types of high-quality design landscape lighting to illuminate your home and beautify your landscaping. Because different forms of lighting work better in different situations, your lighting scheme will be unique to your home.

You may have exact specific requirements which we can fulfill.  Or perhaps you may not know exactly what you want or how to describe it, but you will know it when you see it, which is why we provide evening demonstrations.   We explain the different types of landscape lighting during our in-home design consultation, where we can help you determine what will look best for your home based on our many years of experience.

During this low cost consultation, David Knapp, the owner of Artisan Outdoor Lighting, will personally come to your home and lead you through the exciting process of choosing what best fits your needs.  His integrity and personalized attention to detail will keep you at ease.  David will show you sophisticated lighting techniques you will not only love, but will also fit perfectly into your budget.  He will be there during the installation making sure everything goes smoothly.

The cost of your outdoor lighting installation depends on the number of lights used.  That figure is usually determined by the width and complexity of your landscape lighting design.

If you qualify, we will waive the $100 design consultation fee.  Call now to see if you qualify for a FREE in-home design consultation!